Speaker Ralston Announces Members of Several Study Committees & Commissions

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) announced the members of a joint commission, a House study committee and a joint study committee. Those commissions and committees and their respective members are:

Joint Georgia-North Carolina and Georgia-Tennessee Boundary Line Commission

(Created by HR 51):

Rep. Marc Morris (R-Cumming) – Co-Chair

Rep. Eddie Lumsden (R-Armuchee)

Rep. Steve Tarvin (R-Chickamauga)

Johnny Tolbert III House Study Committee on Heat-Related Injuries, Cardiac Injuries, and other Sports-Related Injuries (Created by HR 259):

Kasey Carpenter (R-Dalton) – Chair

William Boddie (D-East Point) – Vice Chair

Demetrius Douglas (D-Stockbridge)

Clay Pirkle (R-Ashburn)

Deborah Silcox (R-Sandy Springs)

Joint Study Committee on Evaluating and Simplifying Physician Oversight of Midlevel Providers (Created by HR 261):

Mark Newton (R-Augusta) – Chair

Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta)

Alan Powell (R-Hartwell)