Georgia’s Broadband Map Gets Marked Update, Shows Continued Lack of Access

Courtney Alford-Pomeroy

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

The Georgia Broadband Program recently launched an updated Georgia Broadband Availability Map. The latest map, created in partnership with the Institute of Government, combines earlier state maps into one that is easier to navigate. The 2021 Broadband Availability Map includes a widget designed to search by Georgia House, Georgia Senate and U.S. House district. In addition, the tool offers a comparison to the latest Federal Communication Commission map. While there has been progress in broadband availability since the launch of the original map, work remains. In 2021, 9.1% of locations in Georgia remain unserved – representing a 1.0% decline over the prior year. However, there are still 482,374 locations that lack access to acceptable quality broadband. Some areas have even taken a step back, owing to abandonment of outdated networks and a lack of investment in new technology. The 2021 Georgia Broadband Availability Map depicts large areas of the state that remain unserved. Of Georgia’s unserved locations, nearly 75 percent are in rural Georgia.