Secretary Raffensperger Leads with Interstate Voter Data Agreements

Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Secretary Raffensperger announced the latest measure in Georgia’s efforts to maintain the cleanest and most up to date voter rolls in the country, with the completion of four cooperation agreements with Alabama, Virginia, Florida, and South Carolina (also an ERIC member). Through Georgia’s membership in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), our state receives notifications when Georgia voters move into 24 other states and the District of Columbia (D.C.). With these additional agreements, Georgia can now monitor interstate movement with a total of 27 other states plus D.C.

ERIC remains the only large-scale list maintenance tool available to identify voters who have moved out-of-state and anyone who might fraudulently vote in multiple ERIC-member states in a General Election. ERIC is valuable for both list maintenance and election security. These state-to-state cooperation agreements are necessary to exchange data with non-ERIC member states.

This effort is part of a larger initiative to develop best practices and increase interstate cooperation in preparation for the 2024 Presidential election. Earlier this year, Secretary Raffensperger released his Four Point Plan for Election Securityin the 2024 election, and continues to work with other state and federal agencies to secure Georgia’s position as a national leader in election security.

“Putting these agreements in place is crucial to maintaining the most accurate voter rolls in the nation,” said Secretary Raffensperger. “We’re working with other Secretaries of State and Chief Election Officials to ensure that Georgia can identify which voters have moved out of state, which voters have registered in different states, and which of our voter registration records may need to be updated. This gives Georgia the best view into current voter status and the most accurate voter rolls in the country.”

Multi-state agreements will allow states greater access and cooperation in ensuring that voter rolls are properly maintained, and Georgia will be in a unique position to continue robust list maintenance efforts. Due to Georgia’s membership in ERIC, Georgia will continue to receive regular reports reflecting outdated voter registration information. Additionally, these cooperation agreements will provide information between other non-ERIC states.