Senate Research Office Rebrands to Senate Office of Policy and Legislative Analysis

Monday, September 25th, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore John F. Kennedy (R – Macon) announced that the Senate Committee on Administrative Affairs voted unanimously to rename the Senate Research Office as the Senate Office of Policy and Legislative Analysis (OPLA).  

“I am thrilled to announce the rebranding and restructuring of the Senate Research Office” said Senate President Pro Tempore Kennedy. “This rebranding will more accurately reflect the important work that our staff analysts do to support our members in their legislative efforts. All Senate members, especially committee chairmen, regularly rely on the expertise of our Senate legislative staff throughout the legislative session and interim. Their efforts ensure that Senators are fully informed when making decisions that impact not just the citizens in our districts, but all 11 million Georgians. With this rebrand and newly enhanced staff titles, we hope to attract and retain Georgia’s top legal and policy talent to guide Senate members as we strive to craft good policy for the Peach State.”

This rebrand is accompanied by a reorganization of the office structure, including the introduction of new job titles and descriptions that reflect the different qualifications of the Senate’s staff analysts. These changes are the result of a concerted effort to more effectively recruit and retain Senate legislative staff in a competitive labor market and ensure the continuation of institutional knowledge within the office. Prior to these changes, the previous structure of the Senate Research Office failed to provide upward mobility and staff retention incentives. This new structure will more effectively allow OPLA to be powered by 8 full-time attorneys with the goal of providing high quality legal and policy analysis to Senate members. While all full-time OPLA staff will be required to have obtained Juris Doctor, OPLA analysts who are not bar members will be given the title “Policy and Legal Analyst,” while those who are bar members will be given the title “Attorney Analyst.”

While attorney analysts now are empowered to give members policy and research advice, the Office of Legislative Counsel will retain the right to practice law on behalf of the Senate as the official legal counsel for members of the Senate.

More information about OPLA can be found here: